What is sclerotherapy and how does it treat varicose veins?

Sclerotherapy is a unique and effective method of varicose veins and spider veins treatment.

The method implies eliminating affected veins and vessels by injecting medications (sclerosants), liquid or foamed. The injection of sclerosants into the capillary clearance leads to its obliteration.

The method is used by phlebologists and vascular surgeons worldwide. Sclerotherapy for varicose veins is an effective way to eliminate cosmetic defects and varicose veins symptoms.

Sclerotherapy has to be done by a vascular surgeon or a phlebologist who had a phlebology training and is regularly practicing this method.


  • Reticular veins;
  • Telangiectasias and spider veins;
  • Subcutaneous varicose and their tributaries;
  • Venous malformations.

Indications to sclerotherapy have to be determined by a doctor after a thorough diagnosis of a patient. The specialist conducts an examination, collects analysis data and ultrasound results.
A simple patient agreement to remove cosmetic defects is enough to eliminate minor spider veins. People who suffer from bleeding telangiectasias often ask for help.

Contraindications are allergy to sclerosants, severe skin diseases, purulent lesions of the skin, severe thrombosis, prolonged bed rest, peripheral artery disease, pregnancy and lactation.

Cautions: shin swellings, asthma, diathesis, thrombophilia.

Complications are unlikely to appear if you are treated by an experienced doctor who respects all the rules of sclerotherapy. Nevertheless, there is always a risk of side effects (allergic reaction, skin necrosis, nerve damage, reappearance of telangiectasia).

Sclerotherapy procedure

The sclerosants are injected into the vein while a patient is standing or lying. The medication is injected slowly to relieve discomfort. After the injection the needle is disposed and the compression is applied along the veins.

A patient wears the compression bandage for several weeks before venous clearance is delayed and disappears. The blood in that vein starts to flow through the nearby vessels.

The treatment session takes about 5-10 minutes. The course of treatment consists of 3-5 sessions.

After sclerotherapy a patient should walk during 30-40 minutes.

In the first two weeks after the procedure it is not recommended to do any physical activities or to take hot baths, to use sauna or solarium.

Sclerotherapy before and after photos

Foam sclerosant drugs

Recently people start to undergo foam sclerotherapy more often. Foam sclerosant drugs help to reduce the amount and the concentration of the injected medication. They are more active as they displace blood. Foam sclerosant is not diluted and stays in the vein for a long time. To get a consistent foam two syringes connected by a connecting tube are used. To get the foam the syringe plunger has to be pushed no less than 25 times.

After foam sclerotherapy it is required to wear compression garments. The period of wearing compression garments and prevention methods are determined by a doctor for every patient individually, depending on his/her state of body and the number of performed procedures.

Sclerotherapy photos

The price on sclerotherapy is determined by a cliniс, but it is worth noting that the treatment is affordable for a common metropolis inhabitant.

Today sclerotherapy is a minimally invasive painless procedure that last only several minutes and helps to remove effectively small varicose veins.

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What is sclerotherapy and how does it treat varicose veins?