Spider veins photos

Spider veins Treatment photos

The exact cause of spider veins is not proven, but heredity, local trauma, and hormonal levels are believed to be contributing factors. Spider veins become more common with age, and are twice as common in women. Spider veins are formed by the dilation of the small veins under the surface of the skin, mostly on the legs.

spider veins

Spider veins photos

They look like red or purple sunbursts or web patterns. Spider veins are also referred to as telangiectasia or broken capillaries. They usually pose no health hazard but may produce a dull aching or burning in the legs after prolonged standing.

photos spider veins

Brown lines or spots on the skin at the sites of treated blood vessels. Probably made up of a form of iron stored in th blood. These darkened areas may result when blood escapes from treated veins, and they occur more often in patients who have larger veins treated. In most cases, they disappear within a year, but in a small percent of patients they may last for years. They can be lightened with a special laser if needed.

spider veins

Developments of a blush-like group of fine red blood vessels near the sites of injection of larger vessels, especially on the thighs. About a third of patients develop these; most disappear by themselves, some go away with injection treatment or laser therapy, and a few may last.

Spider veins photos Treatment

Spider veins Treatment

Laser surgery and intense pulsed light therapy: This relatively new approach may be effective for certain leg veins and facial blood vessels. The heat from the high intensity laser beam or intense pulsed light device selectively destroys the abnormal veins. This has not lived up to its promise of complete and painless vein removal. It is best for tiny veins in fair skinned people.
Surgical ligation and stripping: This method involves making an incision in the skin and either tying off or removing the blood vessel. The procedure may require the use of general anesthesia, is usually performed by a vascular surgeon in the hospital, and is generally reserved for larger veins.

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Spider veins photos