How to treat varicose veins at home?

Varicose veins are a vascular disease every third person on the planet suffer from. At the early stages of varicose veins not everyone is ready to go see a doctor. Most people start searching for information about the most effective home remedies for varicose veins.

It would be absolutely accurate to say that home remedies for varicose veins have a supporting role. And the main goal of such treatment is to maintain good venous tone and to normalize blood circulation.

How to treat varicose veins at home?

  1. A visit to a doctor is in the first place. Only a specialist is able to prescribe an accurate treatment regimen that will suit only you. After that you can start treatment at home following the regimen prescribed by the doctor.
  2. One of the most effective methods of treating varicose veins is wearing compressive garments. This is a supporting treatment, the most effective at an early stage of varicose veins when spider veins appear. It implies wearing compressive stockings, tights, knee socks on a daily basis.Compression Stockings for Varicose Veins

    Therapeutic effect is the pressure that the garment puts on the blood vessels. First, the pressure from these garments is based in the upper part of the ankle, after it goes down gradually, weakens, making blood go back to the heart and veins. Vessels enlarge letting big amounts of blood flow at a certain pace that makes paired venous valves function more actively. As a result congestions of blood go away, swellings and blood clots provoked by venous insufficiency disappear.

  3. Taking venotonics and applying gel for varicose veins. Taking the courses of venotonics strengthen the vein wall, prevent the appearance of venous thrombus. A cream or a gel relieve pain and swellings.
  4. Leg massage. Massage therapy for varicose veins depends directly on the stage of the disease that defines the patient’s health state. At the early stages the massage is performed when a patient is lying on his/her back, with the knees bent and the legs raised at 45 degrees up. A specialist starts with massaging thighs, then buttocks, shin splints and finishes with massaging feet. The only massage techniques that are used are stroking and rubbing.

    After massage therapy for uncomplicated varicose veins a patient does physical exercises prescribed by the doctor.

  5. If you found varicose veins appearing on your body, it means that you have blood flow disorders. You should move more, do physical exercises to increase blood return from legs to your heart. You can lay on your back and make circles with your both legs (pedaling movements) as if you ride a bicycle.

    – Stand straight, put your feet together, arms along the sides of your body. Inhale and stand on your toes. Exhale and return to the starting position.

    – Stand straight, put your feet together, put your arms along the sides of your body. Walk on the spot lifting the heels, keeping your toes on the floor.

    Exercises for Sufferers of Varicose veins
  6. Aerotherapy – a treatment of varicose veins with air. Oxygen-rich air, ionized air containing admixtures of seawater ions and plant waste products that stimulate breathing and other body functions, are good for health of people suffering from varicose veins. Spend more time in nature, far from polluted cities. Going on vacation to the seaside is good for your health as well.
  7. Hydrotherapy. It is one of the oldest and the most effective way of varicose veins treatment that involves the use of water. Water makes muscle tissues contract and relax, as to vascular system, blood vessels naturally narrow or enlarge which is very important for varicose veins treatment.

    The most commonly used method of hydrotherapy is taking all kinds of baths. It is very important for people suffering from varicose veins to give a hydromassage and put cold and hot contrast water on your lower limbs. These water therapy procedures help to diminish vein clearance, as they make the muscles of vein walls contract. When taking the recommended shower for varicose veins you should watch the trickles of water run from up to down. The shower enhances capillary circulation, tones up muscles, eliminates swellings.

    Pouring cold water on the legs also stimulates blood circulation. To improve blood circulation pouring cool water on the knees is practiced as well. The therapy is performed once a month within 3 days.

    A method called wet socks is popular as well. A patient puts wet socks on, and then dry wool socks on them, then goes to bed, wraps himself/herself up. The procedure is performed within 30 minutes, 1 hour maximum.

    To remove swellings and the feeling of tiredness in the legs doctors recommend to take baths with sea salt and different herbs.

  8. Varicose veins prevention. Preventing varicose veins implies changing lifestyle that leads to varicose veins appearance. It is important to monitor your weight. Overweight is a great load on the vessels. You should choose the right shoes and clothing. Tight, narrow, skinny clothes are forbidden.Prevention implies healthy eating. Greasy, salty and spicy food is prohibited.

    Vegetables and fruits are good for health. It is also good for health to swim in the pool no less than twice a week. To ride a bicycle or to rollerblade is good too, but physically demanding sports are forbidden. During varicose veins treatment it is prohibited to use solarium, saunas, to take hot baths, to drink alcohol, to smoke, to play sports, to do physical exercises, to lift weights over 3 kilograms.

  9. Phytotherapy. Varicose veins treatment with the help of medicinal plants has been popular at all times. Many medications are plant-derived. Buckeye, red grapes, blackcurrant and others help a lot to treat vascular disease. All phytotherapists use decoctions, infusions, salves derived from these plants.

    Rubbing skin with apple cider vinegar is a very effective method of treating varicose veins at home. It is necessary to rub veins with apple cider vinegar every day within one month (for a better effect you can also drink a glass of water with a table spoon of apple sider vinegar).

All the methods of varicose veins home treatment listed above should be used on a regular basis.

It is the only way to get rid of varicose veins and avoid surgery.

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How to treat varicose veins at home?