How to get rid of spider veins?

spider veins

Almost every person on this planet has spider veins on the legs, face, arms or back. Until now there has been a lot of debate in medicine about it.

According to some doctors this pathology is a cosmetic defect, and they consider it a dermatological problem. Others say that the appearance and the development of spider veins should be studied by vascular surgeons.

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In medicine spider veins are called telangiectasia. They are the result of constant dilation of small-diameter blood vessels. Telangiectasia can be single or multiple, develop locally or be spread, have different form, measurements, placing, color. They happen to bleed, and their color and size can say about their origin.

Blood vessels that become visible on the body are either red or blue. They tend to transform and change color. It is caused by blood flowing (leaking) backwards.

Appearance on the body

Spider veins appear mostly near the surface of the skin, less on mucous membranes of the mouth, nose, urinary and respiratory systems.

Red vessels mostly appear on the nose and cheeks. Long blue twisted vessels usually occur on the legs. These vessels can be independent from other veins or have a spiderweb pattern.

The appearance of small blood vessels makes us think about something. If it is dangerous or not. It is important that telangiectasia can only appear as a cosmetic defect of the skin. But in over 40% of cases the appearance of the blood vessels is the sign of vascular disease progress.

If this kind of vessels appear on the different parts of your body, you should take an appointment with your doctor and examine the venous system.

Causes and risk factors

Spider veins may have a hereditary character or be accumulated throughout life.

Most common causes of spider veins are:

  • Hormonal factors. Often spider veins appear during pregnancy and childbirth.
  • Solar radiation. Tiny red blood vessels appear as a result of prolonged sun exposure, visiting solarium and sauna.
  • Venous system disorders. Telangiectasias appear in 90% of varicose veins cases.
  • Injuries. Bruises and broken limbs.
  • Infections
  • Smoking and alcohol abuse.

Treatment and prevention methods

The most efficient method of treatment and elimination of spider veins is sclerotherapy.
This method involves injecting special chemicals – sclerosants that destruct the inner layer of the vein, into the vein clearance creating spider vein. After the injection of the sclerosant substance an inflammatory reaction appears and fades gradually.

After sclerotherapy a patient should wear compression garments for a certain period of time. Under the pressure of the garment the veins stick together and the spider vein disappears.
Several sclerotherapy sessions can help to completely get rid of telangiectasias.

Another popular method of spider veins removal is laser photocoagulation.

Laser Spider Vein Treatment

Laser light heats a vessel up to 70 degrees. It results in its walls destruction and their sticking together.

Taking venotonic drugs is also effective in varicose veins and spider veins treatment. Taking pills after a consultation with your doctor can stop the disease from developing.

It is important to understand that after spider veins are removed, they can appear on another part of the body. To prevent them from appearing on the skin one should give up smoking and taking hormones.

You should use moisturizing creams and take the course of medicines no less than twice a year. The overall treatment goal is to strengthen the walls of blood vessels.

compression stockings from spider veinsThe best way to prevent new spider veins and vascular veins to appear is to wear compression garments. Compression garments will not only make the skin look better, but will also remove swellings in the legs, muscle cramps, prevent the appearance of thick dilated veins.

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How to get rid of spider veins?