Chronic venous insufficiency of the lower extremities treatment

Chronic venous feet insufficiency is one of the most widespread person veins and vessels diseases. A lot of people experience weight in feet, spasms in gastrocnemius muscles, but unfortunately they don’t pay attention on it.

Sharp foot pain, weight, fast foot fatigue – is such situation familiar to you? Every person should be worried by all these symptoms and have to test own venous system.

Chronic venous insufficiency

Chronic venous insufficiency is such kind of disease, which caused by the venous outflow violation, manifested by moderate or severe foot hypostasis, skin changes, foot weight, trophic ulcers emergence.

The disease begins with venous valves insolvency, which leads to a blood reflux from deep vessels in superficial veins. Then there is veins expansion, causing venous outflow violation.

Venous insufficiency is connected with hereditary predisposition, but it also develops under the other factors impact on the organism. It can be aging, varicosity, pregnancy, injuries, an inactive way of life, excess weight, heavy loading, hormonal failure, vein operations.

The symptoms

Venous insufficiency clinical symptoms are rather typical and are manifested among some patients with only purely cosmetic defects in the form of telangiectasis (spider veins), hypodermic veins expansion, periodically arising discomfort in the anklebone.

chronic venous insufficiency symptoms

Weight feeling in the lower extremities and fast fatigue very often are the reason of people complaints. Foot hypostases and the feeling of heat are arising during the evening time. This leads to the general discomfort, fatigue, nervous attacks.

Sometimes patients complain muscles spasms and skin color change.

The first venous system failure signals:

  1. Foot discomfort and weight;
  2. Pain in the form of an extremity raspiraniye;
  3. Fast fatigue and fatigue of muscles of a shin;
  4. Emergence of hypostases of feet and shin (especially in the evening);
  5. Emergence of vascular asterisks;
  6. Skin itch;
  7. Spasms in gastrocnemius muscles;
  8. Skin color change.

If the first first symptoms have appeared, you should visit the phlebologist or the vascular surgeon.

The doctor will diagnose you. After the research results and ultrasound vein will be ready, the doctor will prescribe the correct treatment regimen.

Venous insufficiency treatment

Venous insufficiency treatment begins from compression therapy.

compression stockings

The compression jersey use gives the possibility to achieve during the sortest time the next results:

  • Foot hypostases reduction;
  • Veins diameter reduction;
  • Blood flow velocity increase;
  • Microcirculation improvement;
  • Lymphatic system boost.

A lot of women refuse underwear because it “disturbs” them. However, actually the compression underwear doesn’t cause any discomfort to women, they get used to it already in a week. And then most women don’t even want to use other underwear, because the usual one isn’t the most comfortable for them.

The compression underwear helps the blood to circulate diversely. If we deal with not simply stockings, but with the high underwear, reaching the breast, the blood can be directed strictly to the heart. Thanks to it, there is no risk of veins sore development.

Therapeutic medicines

Phlebotropic Therapeutic medicines are the the part of the chronic venous insufficiency treatment complex. People, which have such illness, restore the normal capillaries permeability, improve the lymphatic drainage, eliminate venous and lymphatic flows, remove an inflammation and weight in the lower extremities.

Phlebotropic Therapeutic

Therapeutic medicines are effective at venous insufficiency treatment of the lower extremities only if observing a full medical course, which needs to be repeated at least two times a year. It is better to specify a dosage and medicines with the phlebologist. Self-treatment can aggravate the disease progression.

Besides the therapeutic medicines, the doctors recommend to use local cream, ointments and gels. Varicosity ointment helps to remove CVI symptoms more effectively: it eliminates pain, moistens skin, eliminates irritations, removes puffiness and cools.

Physical therapy

Physical therapy methods were developed to restore an ankle joint mobility and for good muscular shin pomp functioning. Physical therapy is directed on venous ulcers of the lower extremities prevention and treatment.

Manual lymphatic display drainage for patients with frequent foot hypostases.


Sclerotherapy is used when the small diameter veins are affected.

Sclerotherapy is the varicosity and vascular asterisks treatment method, which provides special chemicals entering in the vessel gleam, causing the internal vessels walls irritation, and then the bandage imposing causes an obliteration bonding vessel in some days.

Whether it is necessary undergo surgery?

Quite often, when the venous insufficiency has already been neglected, it is impossible to avoid surgical intervention.

The main indication to undergo surgery is the revealed blood reflux in the perforating and saphenous veins. The doctor choose a surgical intervention way.

Today the endovasal coagulation is used to prevent the varicose illness development. During this procedure there is a thermal impact on veins. Radio-frequency and laser coagulation is a low-invasive way of chronic venous insufficiency treatment.

The procedures last not for a long time, and the patient leaves procedural by his foot and continues vigorous activity. Hospitalization isn’t required.

One more traditional surgical impact way on veins is the miniflebektomiya. The affected veins delete through pinholes.

Prevention methods

The chronic venous insufficiency prevention begins with an active lifestyle. hiking, cycling classes, swimming, running and race walking are very useful. But power sports are contraindicated.
exercise of venous insufficient

At venous insufficiency it is necessary to refuse a bath, sauna and hot bathtubs acceptance. Everything, that causes the venous vessels expansion, leading to their overflow and violation of a blood-groove is contraindicated.

Sunbathing and sunbeds use are not recommended.

All people, who have such illness, should try to maintain a normal weight. Meals should be balanced. The main focus should be on foods, that are high in fiber, folic acid, rutin, vitamins B1 and B5, C and A.

Reception of vitamin complexes which microcells enter (iron, magnesium, zinc and copper) is recommended.

It is necessary to reduce liquid consumption, to exclude hot and salty dishes, and also the products, promoting adjournment of fat and increasing weight.

Timely venous insufficiency of the lower extremities prevention and treatment is the pledge of the healthy feet and an exception of complications, which often lead to deplorable consequences.

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Chronic venous insufficiency of the lower extremities treatment